Interview: Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano is a famous Japanese film director or a comedian known the world over . I don't know him very much. But I found an article of his comment about Japanese culture in Western culture at MSN news and was very interesting, so I'd like to try translate it below.

Q: Recently, western people use a word 'Cool Japan' and Japanese contemporary culture tend to be accepted by them actively. Do you feel this movement as a producer of this kind of culture when you are in abroad country?

The first time I went to abroad, Japan was thought as a small Asian country which defeated in war. After that, I think we were considered that we got a great economic glowth and had money as well. However I came to go to abroad as a director in 1990's, I felt the chenge how I was treated. When I went to the film festival in Venice, related parties treated me respectfully and many people asked me my autograph or picture with me when I walked around the city. They were happy with my autograph. This remind me how we treated European people in Japan decade ago. Then naturally I realized I don't need to abase myself, and felt I am recognized to many people.

Q: Why do you think Japanese culture is accepted in western culture?

well, Japanese are good with details for everything, I mean precise. You will get if you compare Japanese food to junk food from United States. It can happen that I can't eat sushi at a sushi bar in France beside of Japanese food fad. They looks Sushi, but they were not, like French understand nothing about sushi! See, only Japanese can make sushi. Japanese chef told me 'those are just a mess'. There is such a big difference.
 the culture in such 隣近所を意識するような国はcontries are precise. I don't think it still works no longer though. Hollywood movie goes like 'How many people watches?' Trying to gather people, nothing is better than 'knockabout'. Using CG and explosion! They are fun あれは確かにディズニーランド的でいいからと思うんだよね」
 However, I think Japan can exist because of the United States. Also in Cultural side. We need the United States. We need Desney land, Mcdonaldo and KFC. They make Japanese culture shine out standing in contrast. Both culture are related each other, not independent. We usually 'compare to' something when thinking of the things. It is same when we think about Japanese culture, we compare this to American culture, I think. I am sure that 'broad' American culture is neccesary, so opposite Japanese culture are accepted to those countries.

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